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Company Background


Our goal is to bring people into motorcycling and give them the skills to ride safely and enjoy riding into the future.

Mainland Motorcycle School Christchurch's' largest privately owned motorcycle school. It was originally part of Mainland Driving School, but Mike Flowers, the head instructor, bought out the motorcycle part of the business in December 2010, and is now solely devoted to motorcycle training.

Mike is not a car instructor that can also teach motorcycles. He was hand picked by Mainland for his skills and experience on bikes and then trained to be instructor in 2004. He has both an off road and road racing background in New Zealand and Australia. He has a Level 5 National Certificate in adult education and is a fully approved NZTA instructor.

Mainland Motorcycle School is always monitoring local and international trends in motorcycle training to ensure it remains current with the best training programs available, therefore Mainland's' base courses may vary or adapt from time to time, but they can also be tailored to your individual needs or those of clubs or groups.

Mike is a specialist motorcycle trainer, and will offer you the best training you can get for beginners needing a learners licence through to road training for intermediate and advanced riders and advanced road riding skills taught on the race track.

Christchurch's largest motorcycle training area for all your requirements







 Large open area for Basic Handling Tests                 Closed to general public streets               Large area to practice different skills

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