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Too many riders pass a "basic" handling test, at 20kph or less, get their learners licence and then ride on the road, have an accident and then stop riding and say bikes are dangerous. In a car you have someone next to you for the first six months, bikes you are by yourself. The basic handling test is way to easy to get a licence.


Being a car or truck driver does not mean you can ride a bike on a road safely. You need t be better than that.

In fact, you have so many bad habits built up from driving a car that you need to change. Cars and bikes are not the same. To many people start riding bikes, have an accident or a scare and then stop riding and say motorcycles are dangerous.

The difference between driving and riding a motorcycle.

Skills or lack of…

The Basic Handling Test you completed to obtain your learners licence is all completed at 20kph or less, and you probably didn’t even have to get out of 2nd gear. The licence you now have lets you ride at 100kph with traffic everywhere. We turn into a petrol station faster than 20kph. The skills in the basic handling test are simply not enough.

Car learners licence compared to motorcycle learners licecne…

When you get your car learners licence, you have an experienced driver next to you for the first 6 months. On a bike you are all alone with no one to guide you or point out all the things you need to know. Even friends helping may have never been trained and all you are learning is their bad habits.

Difference between a car accident and motorcycle accidents

Cars can have side intrusion bars, airbags and have been crash tested. Even the best riding gear is not really designed for an impact with a car or truck. Cars can have accidents in town and most are simply an insurance claim. Accidents on bikes tend to end up with serious injuries. We have to ride better than we drive. My theory is it is always the riders fault. It really does not matter if the car was in the wrong, did not stop at a stop sign or red light. We will always come off second best. It is our job to miss cars no matter what stupid things they do. This is a skill not luck. Motorcycles brake very well, change direction fast and fit though gaps a car won’t. With the right skills you don’t need to have the accidents riders who have not bothered to master. Those riders blame the car, the gravel on the road, and the wet road instead of looking at themselves and why they crashed and what could they have done to avoid it. If it is never their fault, they are doomed to repeat the mistakes they did not learn from.

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