Full Motorcycle Licence

New CBTA Full Licence System (Competency Based Training and Assessment)  Take 6 months off your Restricted to Full Licence.

licence-600.jpgWe are pleased to announce that Mainland Motorcycle School has two NZTA approved CBTA instructors and assessors for gaining your restricted licence. A new course has been developed by NZTA to lift the skills of riders and reduce the time required between licence stages as it will be based on competency rather than just time periods. 

Note: This course can be done anytime after you have held your  restricted  licence for 9months, you just can't present the certificate to AA or VTNZ until the 12month period on your restricted is completed.

Time is money. Many prefer our shorter one on one courses than full day courses with large groups

We provide a 2 hr one on one training option to help you with the CBTA (Competency Based Training and Assessment) process. Note: If you completed the training for the restriected assessment you may not need extra traininng or can do a shorter one hour training option.

CBTA 2 hr one on one  pre assessment training.

IMG_3651.JPGIf you have been riding on the road awhile and very confident on a bike and think you can pass the test with your current skills, we offer a  2 hour course to cover what is required for the test. It covers the requirements that we will be looking at during the assessment and practice on roads similar to what you will be assessed on and demonstrations from the instructor of what is required.

Please note, you can do the assessment without any instruction, but it is very unlikely you would pass and would have to re sit the test and maybe still do the training course. (You will be mark on a lot more than just riding legally on the road.

Note: If you have a friend or friends that would like to do this with you, you can book in together (max 3) but we recomend an extr hr for each rider is added to ensure we have time to spend with each rider. I.e 2 riders 3hr course, 3 riders 4 hr course.

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