CBTA Experienced pre assessment training course

Designed for those already with good high and low speed skills.

No need to tie up a whole day if you already have the skills to pass the CBTA assessment and are already a good rider.  We run low numbers to ensure you have the level of training, time to ask questions. We have a maximum of 3 on the course, so we can cover everything well and not use a whole day because we are running large groups.
There is a lot you  need to know to be able to pass the assessment, so this course is highly recommended to ensure you have the knowledge to know what we are looking for and marking you on. We quickly check your skills below  or go over what you need to apply in the assessment before we take you out for a ride where we first demonstrate what is required before following you to see if you have applied what we have covered and can fix aspects of your riding if needed. We use bike to bike radios to help with this part.
  • Pre-ride bike checks (you need to explain to us what you ned to check on your bike)
  • Slow riding skills
  • Cornering skills, lines and use of eyes in corners
  • Road positioning in urban and rural situations
  • Tips of what you can and can't do in the assessment

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  (Maximum of 3 per course to ensure good training and skills) We do not overload our courses at the expense of quality and safety.

To Book an Assessment (the test)

Please call us on (03) 974 3136 or click here>>  to email us for time that will work for you.