Motorcycle training for novice riders on their learners licence.

Novice Course: (Now one on one training)

Designed for newly licenced riders.

The Basic Handling Test may allow you to get your learners licence, but the test does not require you to ride over 20kph, and you don't have to use any more than the first two gears. At that speed you have not even gone fast enough to know how a bike corners (counter steering), differnt ways of down shifting or the speed to ride on the road etc. The basic handling Test does not give you the skills to ride on a road. This novice course (3 hours) is to help you raise your skills and knowledge from from Basic Handling Test level to a level you can ride on a road and is a great stepping stone towards our more advanced courses and your restricted licence.


Part 1 : It starts working on skills required to ride on the road in our huge off road training area. Different ways of gear changing, cornering, braking, counter steering, parking and more in a large car park, building up your skills and confidence.



Part 2: The second part we use the roads that are closed off to general public, (so very quiet) in our training area to practice what is required to ride on roads with normal traffic. Take offs, indicator use, control in corners etc. This is a great chance for both you and the instructor to work out if you have enough skills to ride on a normal road with the public.



DSC07626.JPGPart 3: We cover road positioning, hazard detection, scanning techniques, and basic defensive riding skills before taking you out on a normal road with traffic. We only take you on the road with traffic if both you and the instructor feels you will be safe. If you do not feel confident enough, or we are not sure of your safety, we use the 3 hours in our training area and can book you in for the road section another day.

The course may change to suit riders needs but generally covers


  • Smooth gear changes up and down all the gears
  • Smooth confident take offs from intersections with left and right turns


  • Emergency braking skills
  • Counter steering and basic cornering skills
  • A short road ride to help your confidence to ride on your own.

This is now one on one training, so we are working at your skill level and includes bike gear if required but there is an extra charge if you need to hire a bike.


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