Basic Handling Skills

Customised Training

One on one, or a group of friends

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One on one training

If you want customised training just for you, we can offer one on one training so you can work on whatever you would like.

  • Pre-licence training, so you pass your restricted or full licence test.
  • Low speed skills
  • Open road riding
  • Braking
  • Cornering skills
  • Night riding
  • Urban riding (missing the cars on the road)
  • All of the above, some of the above or something unique you require.

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Group training

Want to save some money and hire an instructor as a group of friends or as a club?

With you own instructor, you can save money by just paying for time sharing the cost with others. You can choose want you want to do.

  • Open road riding
  • Corning skills
  • Help on group rides
  • Low speed skills 
  • or any unique skills you can think of.