Terms & Conditions

Last updated 5th Apr 2022

Mainland Motorcycle School is committed to providing all of our clients with exceptional service and training. Instructors reserve the right to stop any training, assessment or testing in the interests of Health and Safety. In this case, it will be at the instructors discretion as to whether the rest of the session is forfeited or can be re scheduled.

By booking your appointment you are confirming that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions on this page, cancellation policy and disclaimer.


Please check our Covid 19 restrictions and requirements for the different Traffic light levels here.


Basic Handling Skills tests and training: Mainland Motorcycle School will provide a motorcycle for the training and basic handling skills test free of charge. This is a geared bike. If you want, you may bring your own motorcycle (it must be registered as a motorcycle, not a moped) that is over 50cc and more than 2kw power per tonne. This can be a geared or non geared bike, but must have a current WOF, vehicle licence registration and be in a road legal state at the time of course (working lights etc). Responsibility for bringing your bike to the training ground rests with the individual.

When attending a BHST you need to ensure you have covered arms (long sleeve jumper or jacket), legs (denim jeans preferred) and sturdy footwear that covers your ankles. You may still be charged if you do not comply.

Course (Ride Forever & CBTA) participants must provide their own motorcycle that has a current WOF, vehicle licence registration and be in a road legal state at the time of course. If needed, you can hire a motorcycle from Mainland Motorcycle School. Riders must have a current NZ Driving Licence of the correct class level that entitles them to ride the motorcycle and be legally entitled to ride on NZ roads. Riders must have appropriate safety gear including motorcycle helmet, gloves, jacket, pants and boots. All legal speed limits and road rules must be complied with whilst undergoing training and assessment. Any offences committed will be the responsibility of the rider and we recommend the riders motorcycle is insured for at least Third Party cover. Riders should be drug and alcohol free when presenting for training or assessment. Mainland Motorcycle School & their instructors reserve the right to refuse training to anyone not complying with the above. If this happens you may be charged for the training and / or assessment.

Course Certificates for BHST & CBTA: Please ensure you give us the correct information to enter on your completion certificate (full legal name). If a certificate needs to be replaced because of incorrect information supplied or due to being lost or misplaced by the student there will be a $20 replacement charge. This covers the cost of the replacement certificate and admin fees.


In certain circumstances, clients may be eligible for a refund.

Unfortunately, if you paid for your training using a credit/debit card then the maximum refund will be what you paid minus the processing fees (currently 2.9% + $0.30). For example, if your training cost $199 and you paid via credit/debit card, the maximum refund you are eligible for is $192.93 [ 199 – (199*2.9%) – 0.30 ].